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That’s right! What you’ve just read is correct! It’s possible to transform that old cake mix into cookies. Yeah, embrace this moment! Cookie doughs may vary from one kind to another, but their foundation are similar. Most of them have as ingredients: flour, one type of oil, sugar and eggs. As some of you may […]

    What about turn that dull bread into a delicious snack? There are days that I’m just tired, and wishing a delicious snack. When I’m having those days I just want to use what I have and prepare a good meal. I don’t even have the words to describe how easy is to prepare […]

    Your wish may not be to achieve a chef status, yet you want to be a good cook and provide good meals for not only yourself but your guests. There are some steps you have to follow in order to be a good cook, one of them is to choose kitchen appliances and […]

    You’ve lived your entire life thinking that you’re just having a good pasta. Not? Well, I used to believe that, specially when I invented all those sauce using only what I had in the pantry. You don’t need to go to a genuine Italian restaurant to have a delicious pasta. Actually, cooking the […]

    I’m Brazilian and big fan of cookies and brownies. But here in Brazil, we’re not used to bake those goodies. For this reason, my first cookies went wrong! Yeah, that’s my fault because I got an American recipe but I prepared following a Brazilian way of making biscuits. Of course it wouldn’t work. […]

    I came with the idea of preparing a meal plan for the whole month, but I must say I’ve failed with that. I always blame the lack of a groceries store near my house, even with meal plans. I must also say that I like to cook with fresh produce, and that affects […]

    You just read the recipe and it instructs to simmer the mixture you’re about to prepare. That’s because the mixture has to have the proper consistency. Then, you just realize that you got to rush the things up, because your guests are around the corner. In the middle of the mess and confusion, […]

    There you are with your fancy fontina in your fridge, and all you want is to take the most of it. You could be run out of ideas or just tired of trying the same recipes. Have you ever thought that you can grate semi-soft cheeses? How? Well, just follow me. Before you […]

    Who likes to remove shells from boiled eggs? I guess nobody does. Maybe, there’s someone out there that thinks it’s therapeutical or it’s like a hobby. But, if you’re just like me, you’ll probably say that’s literally the hardest part of the whole boiling process. You won’t need to shake a bowl - […]

    Last minute snacks can cause a lot of struggle in our heads, just because we need to figure out how to pair ingredients that can’t be paired at the first sight. That becomes a lot more stressful especially when you’re about to receive guests. It seems quite easy to opt for pizza delivery… but […]